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Meriden Property Transfers from Feb. 10 — 24

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Feb. 10 – 24:

Benigno Alicea to Paul J. Rodgers, 46 Sunrise Hill, $260,000.

Zachary W. Theon to Sarah Martin, 75 Bee St., $220,000.

Philip Brungard to Chava Gindi and Martin Gindi, 281 Wall St., $245,000.

Judson Nelson to Melanie L. Vecchitto, 19 Summer Pl, $185,000.

Prime Homes Of Ct LLC to Eagle One Management LLC, 53 Woodland St., $110,000.

Elvin Acevedo and Daisy Lorenzo to Anthony Pines, 94 Cook Ave., $340,000.

Kkp Design LLC to Anthony T. Brown and Amy Brown, 263 Parker Ave., $375,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing L to 107 Willow LLC, 107 Willow St., $132,000.

William Dejesus and Nydia Dejesus to Heather Mcsherry, 28 Sunset Ave., $325,000.


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