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Meriden Property Transfers from Jan. 27 — Feb. 3

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Jan. 27 – Feb. 3.

Superior Benchmark LLC to 171 South Broad St Meride, 153 S. Broad St., $200,000.

Joseph Oliveira and Patricia Oliveira to Kayla Rodriguez, 303 Knob Hill Road, $349,525.

Jordan Callahan to Jamarr Daniels and Tia Williams, 181 Knob Hill Road, $283,000.

Kand d Props LLC to George S. Riley, 119 Harrington St., $277,000.

Marta Rosati to Kayla Croswell and Taylor Ceballos, 153 Stephen Drive, $400,000.

Diane M. Goldschmidt to Johanny R. Acevedo and Viala A. Vasquez, 37 Spring St., $340,000.

Superior Benchmark LLC to 171 South Broad St Meride, 145 S. Broad St., $200,000.

Kenneth Brooks and Karl Schmidt to Muni Bapu Invests LLC, 181 Hicks St. Unit 4F, $120,000.

Todd J. Kenney to Huseyin Ayin, 666 Broad St. Unit 3, $84,900.

Juan Villalta to Jossean R Martinez, 92 Cutlery Ave., $275,000.

Frank A. Massimino to Osvaldo Roldan, 520 Blackstone Village Unit 520, $145,000.

Kand d Props LLC to George S Riley, 113 Harrington St., $277,000.

Honglin Sun and Jianhua Shen to Paradise Landscap and Tree, 17 Sherman Ave., $229,000.

Jody J. Winslow to Kenneth L. Brooks, 281 New Hanover Ave., $210,000.

Glenstone Dev P1 LLC to John Echevarria and Nakira Marrero, 433 Colony St., $270,000.

Carl W Davis and Christina A Davis to Jury Torres, 32 Joseph Street, $220,000.

Hector Sandoval and Lenore Sandoval to Bridget Cunningham, 882 N. Colony Road Unit 34, $185,000.

Cr3spo Hldgs LLC to Illuminada Vega-Carrero and Monique Richardson, 95 Lambert Ave., $355,000.


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