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Meriden Property Transfers from Jan. 12 — 27.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Jan. 12 – 27:

Brian T. Mahon to Muhammad A. Khan, 243 Hamilton St., $225,000.

Daniel W. Neilson Est and Stephanie Dacunto to Trevor Narain, 560 Yale Ave. Unit 32, $158,000.

Glenn J. Civale to Luis M. Araya, 110 Gale Ave., $198,000.

Jose J. Gonzalez to Jadrien A. Cruz, 219 S. Broad St., Unit N208, $120,000.

Emilie L. Smith and Andrey Klebanov to Linda Grimaldi, 1371 Old N. Colony Road, $268,500.

Roger L. Bickford and Barbara A. Bickford to Yomar A. Colon-Mendez, 32 Allen Ave., $235,000.

Henryka Gorska to Felix MMartin, 102 Cartpath Drive, $295,000.

Amelia Young to Dyron Mccann, 111 Hobart St., $160,000.

Jimmy Chaparro and Wanda Cahaprro to Nadeige Nicolas, 555 S. Curtis St., $242,000.

Gary C. Fagan and Glenn J. Fagan to Amelia Young, 132 Spruce St., $220,000.

Car Props LLC to Jleo Constr LLC, 142 Britannia St., $165,000.

Marilyn M. Anziano to Wbbs Managing Re LLC, 77 Allen Ave., $155,000.

Zand r Props LLC to Sumi Tineo-Munoz and Alexander Tineo-Munoz, 19 Swain Ave., $260,000.

Ardent Ventures LLC to Sharee Williams, 130 Round Hill Road, $235,000.

Robert Amato Est and Thomas S. Luby to Daniel Vorselli, 55 Meetinghouse Village Unit 6, $100,000.

Jose P. Lara to Kayla Lewis and Douglas Lewis, 106 Milton Drive, $315,000.

Bret J. Jackson and Kimberly A. Jackson to Je Props Group LLC, 252 New Hanover Ave., $120,000.

Peter Arnold to Regina Wolf and Matthew Wolf, 616 Murdock Ave., $310,000.

Brandon Valencia to Peter J. Stahl, 58 Woodley Court Unit 4, $130,000.

Melinda Levack to Christian Tran, 882 N. Colony Road Unit 15, $175,000.

Stanley Salinsky to Anthony Enrique, 28 Montowese Drive, $314,900.

Daniel T. Vitello to Daniel Nomack and Kaitlyn Nomack, 51 Charles St., $245,000.

Shelley Sundberg and Robert A. Sundberg to Simone Duncan, 129 New Hanover Ave., $230,000.

Deborah Robinson to John G. Ribeiro, 34 Deer Run Road, $220,000.


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