Meriden Property Transfers from May 27 — June 3.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from May 27 – June 3.

Stephen S. Breen to VLL Realty Group LLC, 26 Lincoln Court, $107,500.

Edward O. Kirchhoff and Linda S. Kirchhoff to Darius Riddle and Enileika Lopez-Riddle, 36 Evergreen Lane, $330,000.

Ronald Cassin and Kerry Cassin to Michael R. Stabley and Ashley N. Stabley, 273 Royal Oak Circle, $480,000.

Brad T. Coutermash to Edgardo Kercado and Lorianne Normandia, 1460 Old North Colony Road, $220,000.

Bruce Properties LLC to Gabriel Vazquez and Anibelis Vazquez, 15 Dee Ave., $265,000.

James Green and Michael Wieloch to Jaquay L. Black, 50 Howe St., $270,000.

Christina Kilby to Jonathan O. Clarke, 238 Curtis St., $280,000.

Marti Cervantes-Gonzalez and Belen A. Gasper to Roxana Merola and Evan Merola, 404 S Curtis St., $235,000.

Aminullah Noori to Peter S. Samuels, 24 Grant St., $329,000.

Nicholas Terwilleger and Nicole Volpe to Luis A. Arbelo and Elizabeth Arbelo, 38 Dogleg Drive, $362,000.

Enileika Lopez-Riddle and Darius L. Riddle to Luis Cepeda, 48 Wood St., $230,000.

Joshua Madden and Kimberly Madden to Terrill Hart, 11 Silver St., $255,000.

Giovanni D. Volo and Denise C. Volo to Francheska Ledesma-Calo, 13 Willis Ave., $225,000.

Christian Paton to Carolyn Pappacoda and Giovanni Baldino, 18 Lori Lane, $300,000.

Jared Cockfield to Jevaun A. Phillips, 266 High Hill Road, $398,200.

Elba Rodriguez and Jose A. Bruno to Alyssa E. Rodriguez, 66 S. 2nd St., $275,000.

Nicholas Stakey and Kathryn Stakey to James C. Yankee, 14 Bret Drive, $280,000.

Peter L. Spangenberg and Christina M. Lamorte to Karen Lewis and Kelisan Bartley, 47 Cottage St., $296,999.

Jeffrey Birdsall to Brendan Barba, 560 Yale Ave. Unit 186, $181,000.

Ceciel Case and Helen Cormier to Luis Tacuri, 65 Foster St., $140,000.

Margaret A. Reagan to Judy L. Gillooly and Kyle T. Gillooly, 56 Ann View Terrace, $200,000.

Krystyna Dzierlatka and Czeslaw Dzierlatka to Byung Ho Kang and Mihea Cho, 797 W. Main St. Unit A, $200,000.

John E. DeMayo and Lois K. DeMayo to Charles Adeyin, 648 Main St., $280,000.


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