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One person in custody after police search, I-691 crash in Meriden

reporter photo

MERIDEN — Police have one person in custody following a search of the area of Liberty Street and Sunset Avenue Thursday morning stemming from an earlier crash on Interstate 691. 

A police officer on patrol noticed a vehicle with an extreme amount of body damage being driven on Gravel Street at about 8 a.m. At the same time, police received several calls about a crash on I-691 and that one of the vehicles, which matched the description of the vehicle on Gravel Street, fled the crash scene, police said. 

Officers located the vehicle parked in the area of Liberty Street and Sunset Avenue a short time later with no one inside. They located the suspect following a search that included state police and a K9 unit.

More information about the incident is expected later today, according to police. Check back for updates to this story. 


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