Meriden firefighters quickly douse furnace fire in single-family home

Meriden firefighters quickly douse furnace fire in single-family home

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MERIDEN — Firefighters quickly quelled a basement fire in a single-family home on Carey Avenue Tuesday. 

A call reporting the fire at 71 Carey Ave. came in around 5:30 p.m.

Assistant Fire Chief Robert Burdick said the fire appears to have been caused by a furnace malfunction, possibly a delayed ignition.

 “The heat of the furnace caught the wall behind it on fire,” Burdick said.

The city’s fire marshal had not yet made an official determination on the fire’s cause. 

Firefighters shut off the building’s electrical power upon arrival and attacked the fire, an effort that included knocking down the wall behind the furnace.

Burdick said the fire did spread behind the wall, but firefighters were able to prevent it from spreading beyond the immediate area around the furnace. 

Firefighters cleared the home of smoke and toxic gases using fans. Investigators checked the home’s levels for carbon monoxide and those results came back at safe levels, Burdick said.

The resident, who had tried to extinguish the fire on his own, was treated for smoke inhalation by fire personnel, but declined further medical treatment, Burdick said.