CIAC: No changes to high school football schedule

CIAC: No changes to high school football schedule

All around the state, high school athletes celebrated an online announcement on Wednesday. After an afternoon meeting, the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference put out a statement saying that the organization would be moving forward with all fall sports in 2020.

“I’m glad that we are giving it (the season) a shot,” said Cheshire High School Athletic Director Steve Trifone. “Our coaches are excited to go and so are the kids. I hope we can do something and be safe with it.”

At Wednesday’s meeting, the CIAC Board of Control met with its fall sports committees, medical advisory group, and school officials. On Monday, the football committee voted to recommend moving the sport to 2021, but the CIAC Board of Control said that the committee didn’t hear from medical professionals and decided to stick with its current plan. Football teams are scheduled to start organized team activities on Monday.

Football, cross country, and girls’ volleyball committees met on Monday, while cross country and field hockey groups talked on Tuesday. The soccer committee spoke on Wednesday morning.

Right now, the CIAC will be adhering to guidelines finalized on July 30 and made public the following day.

In the packet, cross country, field hockey, soccer, girls’ swim and dive, and girls’ volleyball teams can play up to 12 regular-season games, while football teams can compete in six contests. 

“I’m sure that the plan continues to be fluid and we will support it,” said Southington Athletic Director Steve Risser. “We will continue with regional scheduling and protocols to play safely.”

The CIAC also stated Wednesday that its position is that spectators and fans should be prohibited from attending contests and practices, but the decision will ultimately be decided by school districts.

“I’m not surprised,” said Trifone. “We want to make this safe for kids as best as possible. If everything goes well, I think they can change it (their position) later.”

Also for students who choose a distance-learning model, the CIAC said that their eligibility would be decided at the district level.

Today, the CIAC will have its weekly meeting with athletic directors.

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