10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with family

Looking for a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home? Whether your sweetheart is your partner, child, or pet, here are different stay at home Valentine’s Day ideas.

Valentine’s Day is no where close to being my favorite holiday. There are so many more I enjoy! However, since my daughters love the day of love, I like to make February 14th special in our home.

Here are five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with kids.

Compliment hearts

I always start the month of February off with an easy Valentine’s Day tradition — daily compliment paper hearts. I write short complimentary sentences, “You are so good at Math!” or “You’re the bravest!” on a cutout heart and leave it at the breakfast counter or on their bedroom door.

Themed meal

A ‘Love’ themed breakfast (or lunch/dinner) – use red paper plates, serve heart shaped pancakes and strawberries, and decorate the table with faux rose petals.

DIY handprint heart art 

Annabelle helped me to make “Love” canvases for her Grandmas in 2014 for her first Valentine’s Day. Each Grandma still has their handmade gift on display in their bedrooms today. This year we are sending a little bit of handmade love from both Annabelle and Ailey with handmade Valentine’s Day crafts. I love that they will be able to see the change in our beautiful daughters’ hand sizes over the years.


Acrylic paint, brushes or sponges, canvas, baby wipes for easy clean-up.


Paint your child’s hands with paint. Align your child’s thumb and pointer finger to touch in the air. Place their hands flat on the canvas.

Allow your child’s handprints to dry before turning the canvas upside down. Draw with pencil block letters “I” and “You,” then paint in the blocks with a small brush. If you cannot draw freehand, craft stores sell easy to use stencils!

For another easy handprint craft, reapply paint to your little one’s hands and let her cover the canvas in prints. Use baby wipes to clean your hands in between steps!

NOTE: Allow the canvas to dry completely before painting a different color heart in the center of the handprints.

I painted the big pink heart in the center of the hand prints. If your crafter is a little more handy with a paintbrush, let them draw their own. Use a permanent marker to write your child’s name, age, and the year on the canvas.

Once the crafts are dry, you can pack them up in a bubble wrapped envelope. Don’t forget a card to go along with the gift.

‘I Love You Treasure Hunt’

Write different reasons why you love your child on post-it notes and hide them around the house.

Read sweet books together

Read themed Valentine’s Day or books about love.

5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner 

1. Set a romantic table for dinner in the dining room OR on a picnic blanket by the fireplace. Then order your favorite takeout food OR cook dinner together. Try a new dish, set up fondue or make brinner (breakfast for dinner)!

2. Have an at home spa-night with face masks, back rubs, and these cozy spa socks.

3. Happy Hour – Host your own private wine/beer/cocktail tasting with your loved one (or Galentine!). Create a tasting menu, rank your favorites, and cheers to each other.

4. Movie Night – watch a new flick or classic – snuggle up with popcorn, candy, and drinks. Set up a projector in a homemade pillow fort.

5. Buy a deck of cards and write 52 reasons why you love him/her on each card. Hide them around the house for your loved one to find!

Caitlin Houston is a Wallingford blogger and mom of three who loves sharing all of her favorites on the Caitlin Houston Blog. Learn about fun activities at home, family friendly travels, easy recipes and more.


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