5 items to pack on a long bike ride

5 items to pack on a long bike ride

Preparing for a lengthy excursion outdoors is essential for ensuring safety and enjoyment. Always tell someone where you are going and when you anticipate returning.

When embarking on a long bike ride, it’s important for your bike to be functioning optimally. Check the wheels to make sure the quick release levers are tightly closed. Make sure that your tires are inflated, and your brakes are working properly.

Wear a small backpack that won’t inhibit your riding and pack lightly.

1. Hydrating drinks

Stay hydrated by packing a water bottle with ice. If possible, stash an extra bottle in your bottle holder on your bike.

Consider also packing some form of electrolyte rich beverage such as coconut water or a naturally infused sports drink.

Be sure to look at the nutrition label of these drinks. Any added sugars in these drinks will cause your thirst to become more intense.

2. Snacks

Fresh fruits such as watermelon, berries, and oranges make for quick and easy bike ride snacks that also provide hydration. 

Protein bars with granola and nut bases are also great options because they are nutrient dense sources of energy.

Having quickly digesting carbs on hand is also helpful while partaking in strenuous prolonged exercise.

Make sure what you pack will not perish during your ride.

3. Essential items

While some bike trails do have tire pumps, it’s a good idea to travel with a small repair kit.

This kit may contain a spare inner tube, tire levers, and patch equipment.

Bring a cell phone and a charger. Pack a compass or a paper map of your planned route.

Make sure you have your wallet, which should contain personal identification, cash, and a credit card for emergencies.

Other essential items include a bike lock, face mask, and hand sanitizer. 

4. Clothes

Wearing SPF protective clothing, a visor over your helmet, and sunglasses will help prevent sunburn. Regular application of sunscreen is also recommended.

Make sure you choose sneakers that are comfortable. Pack an extra pair of socks in case they become wet.

Dress in layers to prepare for cold fronts and precipitation. 

Include reflective gear, such as a neon vest, in your wardrobe. Pack a flashing light that you can clip on your clothes or bike for extra visibility.

5. Sealable bags

Bring sealable bags for your electronics and clothing in case you encounter water.

Even if you don’t plan to swim or bike near a body of water, a torrential downpour can completely soak your gear.

Make sure you pack a spare Tupperware container for your food scraps.

You should be able to completely close the backpack you store your gear in so that none of your belongings fall out along your ride. 

Remember to pack efficiently, even for short rides. Always have a contingency plan to cut your ride short in case conditions become unpredictable or unsafe.

Keep a packed bag on hand so you can grab it and go whenever bike riding conditions are ideal.

Kristen Dearborn is a Wallingford native, NASM certified personal trainer and author of the blog dearfitkr is- https://dearfitkris.com/


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