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HEALTHY LIVING – 5 Things to Know About Bliss Nutrition in Meriden

HEALTHY LIVING – 5 Things to Know About Bliss Nutrition in Meriden

MERIDEN – Bliss Nutrition recently opened on South Broad Street. The nutrition club and shake bar offers an array of teas, coffees and smoothies. Owner Errica Santore wants to offer healthy alternatives to sweet drinks that are still tasty but also have nutritional value.

Santore said her mission is to, “Create a place where people can come hang out, have healthy drinks, and be around positive people.”


The smoothie options at Bliss contain fruits, vegetables, protein, and supplements. Bliss also has coffee blended with protein and boosted teas for people looking for caffeinated drinks. Some drinks specifically for kids do not contain any caffeine. 

“Our products don’t extract teas with alcohol, they are extracted with water,” Santore said.

This extraction method helps retain taste and quality. 

“They taste like they’re bad for you, no joke. They’re so good,” Santore said. 

Santore said that if guests have a favorite drink at Bliss, they can prepare it at home. Bliss offers 3-day trial packs and 30-day supplies of their products. 

Sweet and healthy

“When you have a smoothie bowl instead of going for ice cream, it hits the spot” said Santore.

Santore said all Bliss beverages are low in sugar and calories. 

“We have toppings available for those that have a little sweet tooth” Santore said. 

Guests can add sprinkles, chocolate chips, Reese’s, marshmallows and other extras to their beverages. Supplements like collagen Beauty Booster and vitamin C Best Defense can also be mixed into drinks.  

“We use aloe in our teas, which improves digestive health” said Santore. 

She also said that the boosted teas are made from green and black tea. 

Energizing drinks

“All of our shakes have about 24 grams of proteins,” Santore said. 

Santore added that all of the shakes have vitamins A, B, C, D, and magnesium.

“Blissfully lit teas have a boost of extra B12 and Guarana extract which are also great to help with energy before a workout” said Santore. 

Guests who are looking to carb-load before a workout can choose from an array of tasty toppings and make their order ‘mega’ sized. 

Santore said, “Prepare is a pre-workout beverage. It is tropical mango and will provide vitamins, minerals, and extra energy.”

Smoothies for recovery 

Santore recommends high-protein smoothies to guests looking for a post-workout drink. She said these shakes help sustain lean muscle.

“We have three different flavors, vanilla ice cream, strawberry shortcake, and chocolate” said Santore of the post-workout beverages. 

“We also have BCAAs in a light green apple flavor. You can drink that prior to your workout or after your workout and those are amino acids that help with recovery time,” said Santore. 


Santore plans to host classes and events at Bliss Nutrition. She is in the process of developing craft nights and exercise classes with the help of other local businesses.

Kristen Dearborn is a Wallingford native, NASM certified personal trainer and author of the blog dearfitkris–