Meriden, Cheshire, Middlefield snow scenes captured on film

On a day dedicated to the last two remaining NFL teams, comedic commercials, food and gatherings, snow transformed the landscape, bringing a change of scenery after the previous stretch of warm weather.

Residents in Meriden, Cheshire and Middlefield ventured to area parks and trails to enjoy the fresh snowfall prior to game time. The moments were captured using a 1970s-era Nikon camera on 35 mm film.

Melissa and Gregg Crerar of Cheshire regularly enjoy walks on the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail through town, but with the falling flakes came a new pregame plan.

“We live on the trail, it’s just a beautiful day to go for a walk in the snow,” said Gregg Crerar. “After yesterday’s weather of 50 degrees today is a good day to regroup before the Super Bowl.”

Accompanying them on the walk was their dog, Jax. They live nearby the trail and enjoy its offerings, especially Lock 12, Gregg Crerar said.

For Mike Jonson and his 4-year-old daughter Jen the plan was to see the wintry skyline atop Castle Craig in Meriden. However, the observation tower was closed to the public. Hubbard Park’s play area with colorful slides and a jungle gym provided a backup option for “exercise, a lot of laughs” and the opportunity to “hang out with daddy,” Mike Jonson said.

“We’ve gone up to Castle Craig a couple of times and she likes running around up there, she likes the view,” said Jonson. “Figured why not? We’ll come here and check it out and if not, we’ll go to the park.”

Jen Jonson took full advantage of the snow, climbing up and slipping down the slides at the park with the help of her father.

Just minutes away a handful of hikers took to the Meriden Linear Trail, but silence mostly took over as the trail remained untouched for minutes at a time. The hustle and bustle of Super Bowl preparations wasn’t present, the roads adjacent to the trail were silent as well.

At Wadsworth Falls State Park on the Middlefield, Middletown line, the only signs of hikers and visitors were scattered footprints on the fresh snow. Undisturbed was the sound of frigid crashing water at the base of the falls, despite multiple cars in the parking lot.

The morning snowfall provided tranquility amid stressful pregame preparations, game time pains and for some, the eventual fourth quarter heartbreak. 

Daniel Passapera is a Quinnipiac University journalism student and a photographer for the university’s marketing and communications department. Instagram: Danpass19


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