Scientist Couple Presents Environmentally Significant Power Point to Cheshire Garden Club

At the recent membership meeting of the Cheshire Garden Club,  Barb and Pete Rzasa, two citizen scientists, were introduced by Vice President and Program Chair Inge Venus, who read an impressive biography of each of them. Following the introduction, they presented a new program entitled “Beech, Bogs, Beetles, Belly Buttons, and Other Tales from the Green Dragon.”  It covered five topics that included new Beech tree diseases affecting our native trees; how to grow pitcher  plants and native orchids in a ‘do it yourself’ bog in your own garden; latest updates on the emerald ash  borer in Connecticut; the reason why our native partridge berry has two dimples on its fruit; and our search for the strange native plant called the Green Dragon.

Club members were truly impressed with the wealth of knowledge and beautiful photos presented. 

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