The Changing of the Flowers

With the change of seasons comes the change in flowers, both in downtown Meriden and the Red Bridge area in South Meriden. With a little bit of clouds, a little bit of rain and then a lot of sun, volunteers gathered to remove the summer blooms and replace them with fall-loving mums on the first day of autumn.

Volunteers made quick work of the exchange with many thanks to the core crew of Claire Forcier, JoAnne Grabinski, Dave Grodzicki, Betty and Dave Cooley, Mike and Nancy Rohde, Mark Kosnoff, Kathy Matula and Karen Johnson.

Venture Academy students and advisers joined in and brought the spirit of enthusiasm and teamwork to this task that beautifies not only Pratt, Colony and West Main Streets, but Red Bridge, entrance to the linear trail and parking lot.

All this splendor could not be possible without the continued and generous support of the Casertano Family for their thoughtful donation of mums in autumn hues, ornamental cabbages and daisies. Special thanks to Mike Rohde for the coordination of the flowers both before and after the event.

Enjoy the blooms when you’re downtown supporting the local businesses or admire them from afar as you travel through downtown. And when you’re on the linear trails you can appreciate not only the autumn leaves at their finest, but the blooms along the bridge and the entrance to the linear trail.

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