Beardsley Cider Mill in Shelton has cider doughnuts packed with fresh and sweet apple flavor. |Lindsay Pytel, special to the Record-Journal

Food blogger tries apple cider doughnuts from local orchards and farms

Food blogger tries apple cider doughnuts from local orchards and farms

Food blogger tries apple cider doughnuts from local orchards and farms

With fall season upon us, I’m in search of the most delicious apple cider doughnuts and cider local Connecticut shops have to offer. So far, the list is stacked with tasty choices.

Here are four that you have to check out!

Lyman Orchards - 32 Reeds Gap Road, Middlefield

If you live in Central Connecticut, you’ve probably been to Lyman Orchards. In fact, you’ve probably been there a few times throughout your life. It’s no wonder this spot is packed every weekend in the fall. With pick your own apples and pumpkins and a family friendly corn maze, Lyman Orchards is your one stop shop for the idealized fall experience.

The Apple Barrel is filled with homemade ciders, jams, cookies, pies and more. One can also find fresh produce in the shop as well. Though there may be a bit of a line, it’s definitely worth the wait for a warm apple cider doughnut from behind the bakery counter. Once you have one, you’ll probably wait in line again to grab another dozen for the road. Picking up one of these doughnuts from Lyman Orchards is the perfect way to start the season.

Rogers Orchards - 336 Long Bottom Road, Southington

Tucked away through streets of gorgeous homes in Southington sits Rogers Orchards. The open concept store welcomes you with one dollar cider right when you walk in. Throughout the store sit baskets full of fresh apples and pears.

The apple cider doughnut from Rogers Orchards is the one that has the most sugar on it compared to the others on this list. With every subtle move, a dusting of sugar falls off. The best part? Roger Orchards also offers a cider slushie for only two dollars. If you’re already pushing the fall season even though it’s still in the high 70s outside, the cider slushie is the perfect treat to get your fall fix. 

Lewis Farms - 384 Belleview Ave., Southington

Lewis Farms is already decked out with all the cute Halloween and fall decor. With fresh mums and scarecrows to greet you outside, the aesthetics don’t stop once you’re inside. Inside the shop you can find decorated Halloween sugar cookies, pumpkin spiced whoopie pies, pumpkin plates, home decor and more.

The apple cider doughnut is smaller than the other spots, but not small in flavor. Once you’ve made sure to get a doughnut, you have to try the September Shake of the Month! This month’s shake is called “The S'mores Shake.” It has chocolate and marshmallow drizzled along the side of the cup with a chocolate ice cream base. Topped with whipped cream, graham cracker dust and more drizzle, it’ll have you craving cold nights and a campfire. 

Beardsley Cider Mill and Orchard - 278 Leavenworth Rd, Shelton

Though a longer drive from Central Connecticut, I highly recommend Beardsley Cider Mill. While all of the others were also delicious, this is my favorite doughnut on the list. The doughnut was soft and moist, and had such a rich apple flavor that shocked me as I took a bite. It wasn’t overbearing, I just didn’t expect it to be so flavorful. The apple blended so well with the sugar on top and made for the perfect amount of sweetness.

The shop is small, but does offer jams, salad dressings, and other locally made items. Outside is a small pick your own apples area, and because it wasn’t a very busy day, there were so many bright red apples ripe for the picking all for us!

Lindsay Pytel “Lunch with Linds” is an avid foodie from Meriden featuring the best eats in the Connecticut and New York area on Instagram here and Facebook

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