The "Buffaque" pizza at Amore Apizza in Wallingford is a stacked buffalo chicken and barbeque chicken pizza, pictured Jan. 8, 2020. | Bailey Wright, Record-Journal

Buffaque pizza stacks up at Amore Apizza in Wallingford 

Buffaque pizza stacks up at Amore Apizza in Wallingford 

Buffaque pizza stacks up at Amore Apizza in Wallingford 

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WALLINGFORD — Why have one pizza when you can have two in one? 

Amore Apizza offers a “double-decker” pizza called the “Buffaque” — a buffalo chicken pizza with a barbecue chicken pizza stacked on top. 

Shop owner Eddie Conniff said they started making the unique pie about five years ago after a customer requested it.

At that time, the buffalo chicken trend was popular, so Conniff decided to combine the sweet barbecue with the spicy buffalo. 

He said the Buffaque does well —  they make about five to 10 a week, usually for teenagers or young adults. 

“People don’t think about it and then they try it and they’re like ‘Wow, okay,’” Conniff said. 

Perfecting the Buffaque has been a process of trial and error, including figuring out how to keep the middle dough from bubbling and how long to cook it. 

Conniff said the pizza cooks longer than others, close to nine minutes. One slice weighs about a pound.

The Buffaque is the only stacked pizza on the menu, but Conniff said they’re open to customization. 

Conniff said he’s always looking for new ways to keep things interesting, especially with the number of pizza restaurants close by.

After loving the mashed potato pizza at BAR in New Haven, he re-created it with his own recipe at Amore. Up next may be a mac and cheese concoction. 

All the pizzas are made with fresh homemade dough, Grande whole milk mozzarella, and an Amore pizza sauce. The dough itself is also for sale. 

A small Buffaque costs $19.99, a medium $24.99, and a large $29.99. Because the pie is two pizzas in one, it does cost more than a regular pizza, which can run from $7 to $21, depending on the size and toppings. 

Amore Apizza, 83 N. Turnpike Rd., is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Free delivery. 203-265-2379
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