Gluten free and vegan nachos from Arles and Boggs Vegan Eatery in Wallingford. |Meaghan Penrod, special to Record-Journal

Vegan nachos, gluten free mozzarella sticks and other crave-worthy finds 

Vegan nachos, gluten free mozzarella sticks and other crave-worthy finds 

Vegan nachos, gluten free mozzarella sticks and other crave-worthy finds 

With the awareness of food allergies and intolerance growing, it’s getting easier and easier to find options when going out to eat.  Many restaurants now carry gluten free buns or gluten free pizza. But what if you’re really missing some of those foods you used to have that aren’t so easy to find? Things like mozzarella sticks, loaded fries, nachos, or calzones.  

Well, fear not - two restaurants in the area (among others not listed) are offering up allergen friendly alternatives that don’t sacrifice any of the flavor.  

Green Olive Diner in Meriden, located on South Broad Street, has one of the largest gluten free menus in the state. Virtually the entire menu can be made gluten free.  They make their own gluten free dough which they use to make giant calzones—calzones so big they don’t even fit on a plate. 

They also have a dedicated gluten free fryer so guests can get gluten free fried seafood, chicken tenders, and even mozzarella sticks.  

Looking for options that are vegan, dairy free, and gluten free? Arles and Boggs Vegan Eatery in Wallingford, located on Quinnipiac Street, has you covered.  They are entirely vegan and 99% gluten free, even though you would never guess.  They only carry one item that contains gluten—pita bread—which they keep in a separate, designated area to avoid any cross contamination.  

Sarah Sharif, head chef, explained, “Coming from a restaurant background since I was born and being plant based for over a decade, I’ve found that allergens can make it almost impossible to dine out for some. I find even more so cross contamination can make a trip to a restaurant a nightmare. Hence why we are so gluten free!”

She’s serving up some amazing dishes that will satisfy all cravings, from Chili Cheese Fries to Nachos to Loaded Taquitos.

Their vegan bacon is made from rice paper—it’s thin, crispy, and tastes just like regular bacon.   

Meaghan Penrod lives in Connecticut and is the creator of the gluten free food blog Low Key Gluten Free. She shares recipes, restaurant finds, products, and tips for living with Celiac Disease. You can follow her at @lowkeyglutenfree on Instagram and Facebook or check out her blog at 


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Posted by Arles & Boggs Vegan Eatery on Sunday, December 6, 2020
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