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Cheshire police and fire departments lay out plans for Elim Park donation

Cheshire police and fire departments lay out plans for Elim Park donation


CHESHIRE – Town Councilors recently accepted a monetary donation from Elim Park Place to be used by the police and fire Departments.

Due to its religious affiliation, Elim Park is not required to pay taxes to the town. Instead, the retirement community on Cook Hill Road makes an annual donation for municipal and public safety services.

This year, Elim Park donated $190,000 to both the Cheshire Police and Fire Departments. The funds were accepted during a Town Council meeting late last month.

In a memo to the Council, Police Chief Neil Dryfe wrote that $136,000 of Elim Park’s donation will be used for equipment-related purchases. Supplies and services will make up the remaining $54,000.

Dryfe stated his intention to use the funds to outfit new police vehicles with equipment ($44,000); purchase new desktop and laptop computers, as well as related accessories ($42,000); acquire five mobile computers for police cruisers ($20,000); buy ammunition for the Department’s Special Response Team training ($17,000); obtain body-worn cameras and accessories ($7,500); and purchase Taser cartridges and batteries ($5,000), and pepper spray ($500).

Dryfe said he intends to purchase five laptops per year for the next three years.

When the Department acquired body cameras, police staff decided not to buy the extended warranty due to its high cost. However, the one-year warranty that was provided at the time of the purchase has expired, according to Dryfe. Part of the Elim Park funds will be used to provide backup cameras, as well as accessories— such as clips and brackets–in the event of a break.

For supplies and services, Dryfe is designating $21,000 for police training programs, $15,000 for community programs, $13,000 for uniforms and personal equipment, and $5,000 for line painting, which includes street centerlines, crosswalks, trail crossings, and specialty markings.

Fire Chief Jack Casner is designating $94,000 to general equipment, $30,000 to automotive equipment and supplies, $21,000 to property maintenance and improvements, $20,000 to personnel expenses, $15,000 to training expenses, $5,000 to contractual services, and $5,000 to office supplies.

Other items on the Fire Department’s list includes gear for new fire apparatuses, strobe lights, sirens, tower-related and audio/visual equipment, rescue tools, and more. Personnel expenses will cover class reimbursements, apparel and clothing, and other costs.