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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Vote againstrunaway taxes

To the editor:

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, please vote for Gennaro Bizzarro for State Senate.

A New Britain resident, Gennaro is also chief legal counsel for New Britain. Like many of us, Gennaro was the first generation in his family to attend and graduate from college. He is married with three girls.

Gennaro is opposed to new taxes, tolls and forced school regionalization proposed by Democrat leaders. Gennaro will fight to protect you against runaway spending by the Democrats. He has vowed to protect our neighborhoods against policies which foster drug addiction and crime.

Please take a stand against taxes, tolls and crime by voting for Gennaro Bizzarro.

Anne Reilly

Support Bizzarro

To the editor:

For the upcoming senatorial election, make sure to support Republican Gennaro Bizzarro. He is an attorney and political outsider looking to restore much-needed common sense to Connecticut politics.

Gennaro is in support of growing businesses, term limits for elected leaders and combating the opioid epidemic. He strongly opposes tolls, tax increases, unfunded mandates on municipalities and compelled school district consolidations.

We need a smart person and strong leader in this seat to protect our interests.

Alex Giannone
Berlin Town Councilor

Taxed enough

To the editor:

Tax. Tax. Tax. That’s all the Democrats fantasize about; new ways to tax. State tax. Income tax. Gas tax. Car tax. Property tax. Grocery tax. Prescription tax. Tolls.

Maybe it’s time to ask ourselves if there’s a better way.

Let’s start by electing the right people to represent us.

This special election, Tuesday, Feb 26, vote for Republican Gennaro Bizzarro.

Remember: No taxation without representation!

Joan Veley