Secretary of State Candidates

Denise Merrill (D)*

Party: Democrat.
Age: 70.
Residence: Hartford.
Occupation: Secretary of the State.
Education:B.A., University of Connecticut.
Platform: Expand access to voting booths with early voting and “no fault” absentee ballots; increase voter registration; expand civics education; oppose efforts at voter suppression.
Other: State representative 1995-2011; former president of National Association of Secretaries of State; board member Let America Vote.

Susan Chapman (R)

Party: Republican.
Age: 51.
Residence: New Fairfield.
Occupation: Former First selectman.
Education: Bachelor’s degree, University of Georgia.
Platform: Secure elections; restore trust in results, supports requiring photo ID to vote; protect voters’ information; incorporate more technology into voting systems; make office more business friendly.
Other: More than a decade in municipal office; former vice president of Western Connecticut Council of Government; was president of both New Fairfield Middle and High school PTOs.

Heather Lynn Sylvestre Gwynn (L)

Not available.

S Michael DeRosa (G)

Party: Green Party.
Age: 73.
Residence: Wethersfield.
Occupation: Retired computer consultant.
Education: B.A., history, University of Connecticut; attended Central Connecticut State University Platform: “More choices, more voices;” has worked for economic justice, voting reform and campaign finance reform.
Other: Has run for Congress, U.S. Senate and secretary of the state; founder of nonprofit Voter Opportunity Though Election Reform.

Where they stand

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