5th Congressional District Candidates

Jahana Hayes (D)

Party: Democrat.
Age: 45.
Residence: Wolcott.
Occupation: Educator.
Education: Associate Degree, Naugatuck Valley Community College; Bachelor of Science, Southern Connecticut State University; Master of Arts, University of St. Joseph; 6th-Year Degree Administration and Supervision, University of Bridgeport.
Platform: Running for Congress as an independent problem solver who can bring real change to the House of Representatives. Will fight for Medicare for all, so that an unexpected illness won't push a family into bankruptcy, for improvements to and additional funding for public education and for stronger Social Security and Medicare for seniors.
Other: Hayes was the 2016 National Teacher of the Year. Cross-endorsed by the Working Families Party.

Manny Santos (R)

Party: Republican.
Age: 49.
Residence: Meriden.
Occupation: Business analyst.
Education: Mechanical engineering degree.
Platform: Lower taxes and fewer regulations. “The current condition of our state is proof that Democrat policies have been a failure... but things are improving across the country and Manny wants to support the policies that are responsible for this turnaround!”
Other: Former mayor of Meriden, first Republican mayor in over 30 years. Immigrated to this country as a child, enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and served in Operation Desert Storm. Lives in Meriden with his wife Maryann and two children.


Where they stand

Choose a topic below to see where the candidates stand on each issue.


Jahana Hayes' Stance: Our system of immigration is need of real and meaningful reform.  We cannot be a country that separates children from their families.  We need comprehensive immigration reform that recognizes that we are a nation of immigrants and that we are stronger when we welcome people from all backgrounds.  That’s not to say we should have open borders.  Security is of paramount importance.  But  I also don’t believe that this is an either / or proposition.  We can maintain public safety while remaining true to the values that make us American.

Manny Santos' Stance: Why can’t Congress reach a deal on illegal immigration? Children that were brought illegally into this country by their parents and are in the DACA program, and who have been educated in American schools, speak our language and are productive individuals, should not be held hostage because our representatives in Congress are not willing to reach a deal. These individuals should have a clear path to permanent residency, not be kept in limbo used as pawns by our elected representatives.  The vast majority of the parents of DACA children are hardworking members of our society. If we value the integrity of a loving family, we cannot separate them. On the other hand, we cannot reward law-breaking; they cannot become citizens, but they too should have a clear path to legal status. This is a compromise from both sides, and it can be done tomorrow, but not with the current representation in Congress.

However, the southern border must be secured, before any legislation to address this issue. I will support funding for "the wall." I will support the immediate deportation of illegal aliens in our federal prison system; however, the border must be properly secured (or we risk them coming back in).

Securing our border and solving our problem with illegal immigration will: stop drug and human trafficking; stop many criminals from entering our country; cut down on wage dilution; and reduce spending on welfare programs.

My parents brought us to this country to escape an authoritarian regime and to leave a subsistence life behind. Indeed, they left everything they knew, so that I and my siblings could have a better life. This better life comes with responsibilities and rules that all must follow in order to live a tranquil life. Reasonable people can disagree, but only with honest discussions can good people agree to solve real problems.