103rd District House Candidates

Liz Linehan (D)*

Party: Democrat.
Age: 44.
Residence: Cheshire.
Occupation: Legislator.
Education: Attended Central Connecticut State University.
Platform: Institute results-based accountability and zero-based budgeting to state programs and departments; protect well-managed municipalities from carrying a disproportionate share of the burden to protect the middle class and homeowners; support education and school safety; protect children; work for veterans and first responders; and continue the education-to-career pipeline to grow our workforce and income and economy.
Other: Served three years on the Cheshire Town Council. Serves on the Veterans, Commerce and Children’s committees in the General Assembly. Endorsed by American Federation of Teachers, Uniformed Professional Firefighters Association, Southington Police Union, National Organization of Women, Association of Retired Teachers of Connecticut, Police Officers Assocation of Connecticut.

Diane Pagano (R)

Party: Republican
Age: 48
Residence: Cheshire.
Occupation: Senior caregiver, owner of Golden AuPair.
Education: Health information management, St. Petersburg Junior College.
Platform: Lower taxes, smaller government and less spending. She opposes the installing tolls.
Connecticut must have business-minded representatives to make good financial decisions.
Other: Cheshire Republican Town Committee member. Endorsed by the Independent Party of Connecticut, the Connecticut Realtor’s Association and the National Federation of Independent Business.


Where they stand

Choose a topic below to see where the candidates stand on each issue.


Diane Pagano's Stance: Pagano said a gradual reduction of the income tax would help propel the state’s economy.

“As a small business owner, it is important to have a lower tax burden. When reduced, entrepreneurs like me can re-invest the money back into our companies for continually growth and (hopefully) retain more residents with the vibrant economy that results,” she said.

State Budget

Liz Linehan's Stance: Linehan said spending can be cut by using results-based accountability, an auditing approach used by non-profits and companies to determine priorities.

“Coupled with zero-based budgeting, the state can reduce its spending by only paying for what we need, and for what produces intended results,” she said.

Diane Pagano's Stance: Pagano said the state needs to focus on priorities and approach state budgeting as a household does.

”Somewhere along the line, government has lost sight of what is important: retaining companies and residents by lowering taxes and spending less,” she said.

Public Safety

Liz Linehan's Stance: Linehan said she wants to remove penalties for police officers who are seeking treatment for PTSD.

“I will re-introduce my bill last year to protect children by requiring schools be notified that a contractor (ie bus driver or outside vendor) has been arrested for crimes against children, in direct response to a Southington bus driver's arrest for molesting a minor over a period of eight years,” she said.

Diane Pagano's Stance: Pagano said she’s grateful for the efforts of police and fire personnel that she’s met on the campaign trail.

“They are thanking me for running for state representative when I am grateful for their protection of me, my family and friends. They put themselves in harm’s way every day to ensure we are safe, and I am thankful,” she said.


Liz Linehan's Stance: Linehan said problems with infrastructure constituted a safety hazard and impediment to doing business in the state.

“We must work to find a way to fund transportation without further burdening our taxpayers. I will not support tolls if the overall burden to the tax payer is greater than what we face now,” she said.