ICE HOCKEY: Mullane featured in this week’s ‘On the Record’ podcast

ICE HOCKEY: Mullane featured in this week’s ‘On the Record’ podcast

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WALLINGFORD — On Sunday night I was able to get a hold of Wallingford’s own Pat Mullane for an episode of “On the Record: A High School Hockey Podcast.”

Pat and I talked for an hour or so about Boston College hockey, his professional career and life in Wallingford, including with the Wallingford Hawks youth program, before he headed to Boston College. 

“Wallingford and New Haven County have meant so much to me,” said Mullane. “I’m not naïve to think — and I think most hockey players are not naïve to think — that we wouldn’t be where we are without the support of family, friends and the communities that we grew up in. For me to talk about Wallingford and give back in anyway is a thrill for me and I am happy to do it.”

Our conversation was planned to last only half an hour. At the 70-minute mark, we were still going strong.

I found myself asking Pat to build a hockey lineup using movie characters and if the movie “Youngblood” represented any truth in the junior hockey life. The answer to the latter question was a resounding “No.”

Mullane retired from professional hockey in August of 2017 after spending seasons playing in professional leagues in Finland and the Czech Republic. 

“I was the luckiest guy in the world,” he said. “I felt that I could play another six, seven or eight years at a pretty high level if I wanted to do so. But I just felt that I was always going to be a different country, different city, different league every year kind of player. That is mentally very challenging.”

Mullane now is a commercial real estate analyst at Goedecke & Co., LLC in Boston. 

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