LETTERS: Protect the internet, Meriden’s economy

LETTERS: Protect the internet, Meriden’s economy

Protect the open internet


I am writing to you because I want to protect our open Internet. Two years ago, the FCC under Ajit Pai repealed the Net Neutrality protections that make the Internet an open and free platform to connect and exchange ideas. If we can’t restore these protections, the Internet as we know it could change forever. 

The House of Representatives has passed the Save the Internet Act, which will restore the open Internet protections that were repealed by the FCC in 2017. Now, Senate Republicans and Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema are blocking the bill at the Senate, despite the overwhelming and cross-partisan support that Net Neutrality has with the American public. 

I hope our Senators vote in favor of this bill. Otherwise we’ll be forced to hold them accountable at the ballot box in 2020. 

Roxanne Leshine, Wallingford

Just a passing cloud?


The pundits have announced “we’re in the best economy of our lifetime!” If one is to believe media reports, yesterday’s ominous clouds of impending recession have, like New England weather, given over to sunny, blue economic skies in the time it takes to do the weekend yard work. It must be only the shadow of success that’s keeping college grads in jobs where they’re unable to repay their college loans, afford decent healthcare, or purchase a starter home. That’s keeping workers on the job 50, 60 or more hours a week to make ends meet. That’s forcing women to return to work soon after childbirth to keep their families afloat. It’s probably just a passing cloud causing us to look for income in the sale of drugs and construction of gambling facilities, the selling off of our national heritage public lands, the cutting of educational staff and programs, and the underfunding of our teacher retirements and crumbling transportation system. Social Security, Medicare, and a living wage for our caregivers must be insignificant since in this “great” economy they’re all in jeopardy. Underfunded police, fire and federal safety programs? No worries! “Best economy in our lifetimes” proclaims syndicated commentator David Brooks, based on new federal economic data. Well, maybe if you were born in 2017, and not in Meriden CT.

David James, Meriden 


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