LETTERS:    Wallingford trail is waste of money; Meriden eyesores

LETTERS:    Wallingford trail is waste of money; Meriden eyesores

Trail is waste of money


Well, Meriden has the bridge to nowhere, and now Wallingford will have the trail to nowhere! Yes that’s right, folks! The people of Oak St. off Washington St. will have a trail coming to their street and destroying woods, bird resting places and coyote habitat including bald eagles. The trail will start at the senior center and end (DEAD END) at Oak St. We have lots of taxpayers’ money so why not destroy a dead-end street that has enjoyed quiet for years? I really hope that the trail people have extra money for fencing to protect privacy for the neighborhood. They also will need to keep people off private property! 

After a group led by Mary Mushinsky stopped economic growth near the old American Cyanamid, cause of destruction to habitat and bugs, they come along and destroy the woods to build a trail that is not needed. We have miles of sidewalks that can be used the same way. In addition, the problem with the trail at the northern border still hasn’t been rectified and will cost more money! It’s about time this foolish waste of taxpayers’ money is stopped. This soil around the trail is contaminated with waste from the old gas company and if you dig down you come up with a tar sludge!

Raymond J. Rys Sr., Wallingford

A real eyesore for city

Meriden needs a city ordinance prohibiting people from standing at major intersections holding a cardboard sign looking for money. This is a real eyesore for a city that wants improvements.

Brian Welskopp, Meriden

Thanks, Good Samaritan


I would like to thank the anonymous person who picked up all the litter on the west side of Thorpe Avenue, between the street and the field, which is opposite my house. I would gladly join forces with whomever it is. 

It is a travesty that so many people, apparently, don't think twice about desecrating other people's neighborhood with their trash.

Karen Nangle, Meriden 

Music for all ages


The best kept secret in Wallingford is the “R” Band, sponsored by the Wallingford Recreation Department. The members are an incredible group of very talented musicians under the direction of Patricia Lignelli who is Director of Music in the Glastonbury School System.

The “R” Band has been in existence for 24 years and is made up of 30 to 45 musicians who are from all walks of life. The members are all ages, with the oldest being 101 and come from all over the State. They include high school students, professional people, and retirees who socialize together doing what they love to do – play music.

The Band plays all types of music and it is easy to recognize their love of music and enjoyment of being together.

They practice at the Wallingford Senior Center and our Senior Center host their concerts.

The “R” Band provides music for all ages – a special treat and a memorable concert. How fortunate and proud we are to have them in our town.

Roberta O’Byrne, Wallingford


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