LETTERS: Using different sources as a learning tool

LETTERS: Using different sources as a learning tool

Once united, never divided


How does an entire nation demonstrate what makes America the shining beacon it is? There are periods where there is a tendency to develop new ideas for the common good. It includes times when it is necessary for this nation to overcome its differences to preserve our freedoms. One must not forget the greatest generations of thinkers who established the precedents of a modern republic. Jefferson mentions its virtues of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" as stated in the Declaration of Independence. As intended, it will be up to posterity for its preservation. Look now, for example, at the current state of the union.    

The U.S. political system is polarized. The lack of cohesion for a law-abiding society to function as intended by the Constitution is lacking. The  "checks and balances" system is at a standstill. Self-government has come to a "politicized," screeching halt in a partisan-related showdown. 

Also, many Americans have become divided due to propaganda that tends to sway public opinion on many critical issues. Social media and other outlets might occasionally misconstrue fact from fiction. People should be open to as many sources as possible. It allows one to critically analyze information and present a more logical conclusion of what is taking place around them. Plus, they can more likely see why others feel differently on current affairs. It will enable everyone to make wiser solutions not only as a community but even on a professional level. 

One must be an avid consumer of information since it concerns everyone. Think of different types of sources as a learning tool. Remember that it plays a significant role under our freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment. Also, younger generations are watching everything because they are future leaders and navigators of this nation!

Leigh Travalini, Wallingford


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