LETTERS: State lawmakers, Zone change, Border wall, New Zealand shooting

LETTERS: State lawmakers, Zone change, Border wall, New Zealand shooting

Surprises from lawmakers


With the upcoming elections near, I'm thinking how smart I was to vote in the last election. The legislators that we vote in are elected to represent us and to make life a little easier, especially for the older folks.

So let’s look at all the nice things they have done for us.  

We now have to pay a $15 tax on our home insurance to fix someone else’s foundation problems. I have problems with my new driveway, but i guess I'll have to pay for that myself. I have to pay a $10 tax on my car registration to park at any state park for free. I haven't been to a state park in years and don't expect to ever go.  

Although I don't have to pay for a salt water fishing license because I'm a senior, I still have to pay an additional $5 fee to fish for trout. There's no trout in salt water.

Now our chosen legislators are about to give us more surprises. They want to eliminate plastic bags, so what do i do with my doggie’s stuff?

 They want to tax haircuts. I don't have much hair,  so I think the hair tax should be more if you have a lot of hair. I think i'll vote for someone else next time.

Robert Krause, Southington

Zone change a mistake


Wash Development LLC petitioned the City of Meriden to change zoning from R-1 (residential) to C-3 (commercial) on the parcels occupying the corner of Twiss Ave. and Broad St across from Brookside Park and Ted's Steam Burgers on N. Broad St.

Wash Development LLC builds car washes. They want to build a car wash on Harbor Brook, which runs through these parcels.  Allowing this zoning change would be a lapse in judgment and a short-sighted vision for Meriden. Meriden's own Vision Statement declares that "the city’s resources be a place where residents can walk, hike, bike, along the clear blue water resources of Harbor Brook.” Harbor Brook runs clean at this location before flowing into Brookside Park and is an integral component of Meriden’s complex flood control plan.

We, the residents of the tiny neighborhood consisting of Twiss Ave and Orchard St., have a different vision for this parcel along our beautiful Harbor Brook. We envision a trail head for the expansion of the rails to trails system extension from Middletown to Meriden's Q trail and onward to eventually connect with the Cheshire portion of the Farmington trail. Meriden could be an important cog in the rails to trails system, bringing economic growth through recreational dollars. Easy access on and off the highway and our central location in CT makes this a perfect location for a trail head.

This 3.5 acres is home to heron, eagle, fox, hawks, ducks, and deer. This land is a riparian wildlife corridor and allowing this zoning change opens the door to other variances that will destroy the wetlands, habitat to so much wildlife. And all we will be left with is the destruction a car wash caused and the traffic it will bring.

Laura Ritter, Meriden

Donald, build the wall


Beware the ides of March. State Democrats’ only solution: Tolls, raise our taxes, fees and form a highway administration who will oversee the phony lockbox. They are running out of other people’s money and are getting desperate. My representatives don’t even return calls. As a lifelong Democrat, I am losing faith in the people who run this state and the imbeciles who elected them.

Do you like taxes? You pay them. What are they doing to get us out of debt now? Cut tax was proposed as of March 14. Tolls are not the cure.

Read Record-Journal opinion page, Thursday, Feb. 28, Len Suzio. Very informative article. Also Tuesday, March 12, Chris Powell, another great article.

Start with no tolls, no tolls, no tolls. It’s time to dump the tea in the harbor. Give me liberty or give me death. I am the NRA and I stand for the flag and kneel for the cross. Donald, build the wall. Please!

Steven Staszewski. Meriden

Victims’ families must pay


To add insult to  injury, the victims families in the New Zealand shooting deaths, will, through their taxes, pay to house, feed, clothe and provide healthcare for the shooter for the rest of his life in prison. Imagine that, they will need to provide all the necessary essentials to the man who murdered their husband, wife, daughter, brother etc. If this had happened in California under Gov. Gavin Newsom, the results would be the same, free room and board for life paid in part by the victims families. The only travesty to this massacre is the shooter lives, and 50 are dead.

Frank Milano Jr., Meriden




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