LETTERS: Slow down in school zones, Trump and the border wall

LETTERS: Slow down in school zones, Trump and the border wall

Go slow in school areas


I’m a crossing guard on Main street in South Meriden and I know Main Street is a State road (35 m/hr) but many people don’t realize there is an elementary school here or are not considerate enough to slow down. It is not the International Speedway (not being funny.)

There are many trucks, buses, emergency vehicles and cars passing through. People in a hurry to get home or to where they are going. There are cars parked on both sides of the street to either drop off or pick up after school. All I am asking is for drivers to be more considerate, passing all schools. Many times I myself had to step back, not to be hit. There are many children walking to school every day. There is a group of children from the daycare, 12-15 in a group. At the end of the day kids are all hyper and are ready to run out of school.

Most parents don’t cross at the crosswalk but cross between cars that are parked. Some parents pull their kids out of the car on the wrong side facing the traffic instead on the sidewalk area. If it were your children I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see anything happen and I’ve seen too many close calls. So please all I’m asking is to be courteous and go slow in school areas. 

Deborah Scata, Meriden

The crisis is Trump


We have a national emergency, all right. Its name is Donald Trump, and it’s a force of mindless, pointless disruption.

The president’s decision to officially declare an emergency — to pretend to build an unbuildable border wall — is an act of cowardice, a way to avoid the wrath of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of the Far-Right Commentarial.

It is an end-run around Congress and, as such, constitutes a violation of his oath to “Preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States” — which gives Congress, not the president, the authority to decide how public money is spent. It does not give Trump the right to projects that Congress will not approve. We as a country do not need this silly barrier! Where this wall is proposed is not where most Mexicans are coming in, anyways. Trump doesn’t care about doing the right thing, or even the necessary thing. He cares only about being able to claim he is following through on his vicious anti-immigration rhetoric, which brands Mexican migrants as “rapists” and Central Americans as members of the MS 13 street gang.

Trump is the most un-presidential president that I can even remember. America will be a better place when his term is up!

Edward G. DeRosa, Meriden


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