LETTERS: More about socialism, Meriden mill rate

LETTERS: More about socialism, Meriden mill rate

More about ‘socialism’


In his opinion column last week, Mr. Hargett claimed that people fleeing Latin American countries are not Socialist. They are, however poor, some illiterate, some criminal, trying to get to the promised land where they will become Socialist, because that’s where all the free stuff comes from: healthcare, food stamps, WIC, welfare, and a host of other programs heartily promoted mostly by Democrats.

Just listen to two of the new stars of the congressional  Democrats to surface, namely Reps. Omar and Ocasio-Cortez.  These and others like them have a following in Congress. Not good for America.

Mr. Hargett says that a 50-foot wall can be scaled using a 60 foot ladder. True, but only a small number of illegals might make it undetected as to an open border where large groups could cross, including human traffickers, drug smugglers, and all sorts of criminal elements. Barriers strategically placed in specific areas have proven beneficial. Nobody says they are needed everywhere, including across rivers and over mountains as he suggests.

We can’t solve the world’s problems. We have more than enough of our own without more pouring over our porous and unprotected borders. Barriers and fences work. That is why the law says that I must have one around my pool. Same goes for our borders.

A final comment. Sixty years ago Venezuela was much wealthier than China or Japan. It was the 4th-ranked world economy with one of the best health systems, and it’s currency 2nd to the U.S. dollar. In only 10 years Venezuela was destroyed by SOCIALISM!

Mr. Hargett is a Democratic Town Committee member.

Tom Zagorski, Meriden

Frustrated in Meriden


Let’s think about this proposed spending of the Eversource money realistically. Does this "lower" the mill rate, or does it just pay for the decrease using found money that is in no budget right now? What happens to the following year’s mill rate? How is this anything but smoke and mirrors? Why can’t the leadership make decisions that have impacts further down than a year or two when it comes to saving money, but will spend the money two generations from now? That Eversource money would do better in a savings account gaining interest, or used to pay down high-interest debt service to help in the long term.  

Michael Carabetta, Meriden


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