LETTERS: Immigration laws, Celebrating President Trump

LETTERS: Immigration laws, Celebrating President Trump

Immigration laws


Do we really need the wall? Republicans say yes, Democrats say no. In my opinion what this country needs is new, stronger immigration laws. 

Illegal immigrants do the majority of the fruit and vegetable picking. This allows us to buy these products at reasonable prices. It also allows drugs to enter the U.S. These aliens should be deported and not allowed to enter this country again! Restaurant labor in this country is based on immigrant labor. Without them they couldn’t operate.

What some people think is that they work cheap. What they do is work harder and faster. The larger cities are known as “santuary cities” because of this importance to labor.

Edward G. DeRosa, Meriden

Celebrating my president


Presidents Day, a day off. Time to reflect, celebrating my President Donald (finish that wall) Trump. I finally have somebody working for me.

Last Tues., 12 Feb., R-J opinion page: Chris Powell and Christine Graziani reiterate my personal philosophy: we have to work hard to bring back America to what it was. My legal immigrant father told me there is no free lunch. The national debt up to $22 trillion. Any illegal alien stepping on U.S. soil is entitled to housing, food, education, hospital care by claiming asylum. The middle class is in danger because we pay the bills. We will always have poor people. We have elite people wanting to control us. Wake up, taxpayers: government does not earn money, they take ours. What is your tipping point? Connecticut lost already. We are just one tent away from a full-blown circus. If you don’t comprehend what I opine, read R-J Fri., 15 Feb: Misunderstanding Socialism by Peter Hargett. Green deal, climate change, sanctuary cities, open borders, free health care 60-ft ladders, etc. What are you talking about, Willis? Impeach President Trump and remove the Second Amendment. Only USA and Switzerland are free. Guess why? I am past tipping point and can’t afford Connecticut. Ned: no tolls, period. Stop the spending.

New phrase: Give me liberty or give me death – 23 March, 1775, Patrick Henry and me. 17 Feb., ‘19: I am the NRA. I stand for the flag and kneel for the cross.

S.C. Staszewski, Meriden



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