LETTERS: Connecticut’s new governor, Cheshire plow driver

LETTERS: Connecticut’s new governor, Cheshire plow driver

 The ‘tax me’ state


Once again Connecticut’s new governor lies to the voters. Nothing is ever going change if we keep electing these clowns in office. I myself will never vote for another Democrat – or should I say Demorats? – again. People had their chance to change things in Connecticut but they chose not too. So we have much of the same. More and more taxes on people going to work and trying to make a living.  They will just tax about everything. It seems family and workers can’t get ahead in this tax state. Just think the representatives in Hartford that are supposed to protect and serve us are taking care of themselves and their friends. Lamont doesn’t get it. I just can’t believe some people in this state follow like sheep. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to suffer because of it. Many folks that retire in Connecticut don’t stay here. They move to other states where it’s more affordable. 

Lamont talked a good talk during his campaign. Well I guess the people voted this guy in. They’ll have to live with this fiasco. Tourism will suffer because of all these taxes. How can they even promote tourism? They should put up signs and say, “Governor Lamont Welcomes you to Connecticut, the ‘tax me’ state”!!

Debra Belancik, Meriden 

 Not the way I see it


This letter is in response to the two people interviewed by a television news team, complaining about the town of Cheshire plow driver. They stated he was speeding and thus damaging their mailboxes. I live in the same neighborhood and I have the same plow driver. I saw something totally different than they did. I saw a plow driver driving at a reasonable speed to get the heavy crusted snow over the tops of the mailboxes. If he had been going any slower he would of damaged so many more mailboxes.

As far as I’m concerned I feel the plow driver did a great job and in no way was he unsafe toward the public or property. Weigh the odds. Two people out of a population of about 30,000. Really.

Richard Guerrera, Cheshire


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