LETTERS: The Mueller report and the truth; a fresh new face

LETTERS: The Mueller report and the truth; a fresh new face

The truth


Now we know the truth.

The Mueller report has made it clear. A foreign power, Russia our enemy, hacked into our electoral system and elected Lyin' Don POTUS.

He is not a legitimate president. There is no 45th president. He is a fraud, a fake, a pretender. Teachers in this country and throughout this world will teach the present school age children that this is true. From this day forward until time ends the people will know this fact that I have believed since election day 2016. Parents tell your children this fact.

Now impeachment must begin. GOP congressional members must grow a backbone. They once had it when Barry Goldwater, Jim Rhodes and Hugh Scott met Nixon on that July day in 1974 and told him that “it was over.” We can not avoid this. The GOP passed articles of impeachment in 1998 against Bill Clinton  for lying under oath once to a Grand Jury over a personal marital matter. And this president is attacking our legal system. He has obstructed justice.

Not my president!

Paul E. Gradwell, Meriden

Fresh new face


We were told that we had to vote for Democrat Jahana Hayes because she was a fresh, new face that would change politics. So far, Hayes broke a major campaign promise and voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, she's on record supporting the Green New Deal (Socialism), she supports more gun control on " law abiding " citizens and she's on record wanting as many people as possible on government assistance. Now, after only a few months in office, the Hartford Courant reports Hayes has already raised over six hundred thousand dollars for her 2020 re-election campaign.

Connecticut is bankrupt, Democrats want to tax everything and people and businesses keep leaving but Jahana Hayes' priority is fundraising and political power. Do you think she cares or is worried though? She knows the liberal press and media won't challenge her, her supporters will label any criticism as anti-woman and racist and Democrat voters will do what they're told and re-elect her. This fresh, new face certainly brought change to politics.

Jim Kozma, Meriden

Act of unity


Tell me this is more than about cards. There are an estimated 29 million nurses in the world, with 3.9 million of these dedicated, hardworking professionals residing in the United States alone. (Wong, Liu, Wang, Anderson, Seib, & Molasiotis, 2015). The remarks of a Washington state senator who ignited a maelstrom of discontent has enraged millions of nurses.

In an unprecedented act of unity, not seen since Joy Behar’s doctors’ stethoscope comment in 2015, or Alex Wubbel’s arrest in 2017, have nurses joined together so demonstrably, united in protest against state senator Maureen Walsh.

But is that really at the heart of the matter? After the 24 hour news tsunami of GIFs and memes has passed on our Twitter feeds, what then? By their sheer massive numbers alone, nurses are a force to be reckoned with. But yet, after the tempest subsides, and the attention dies down, what next? The same issues will sadly remain. Nurses are being assaulted and murdered. Short staffing. Long working hours. Workplace hazards. Compensation. But the harsh reality is the only topic that fuels enough outrage to create unity among nurses, are the appallingly ignorant comments of a talk show host, an overly zealous officer, and a state senator.

The thought is staggering on what 29 million nurses could accomplish on matters that enhance and further the profession in a positive and constructive way. Card playing or not, it is testament to the tenacity of nurses who will continue to faithfully excel at what they do best: which is to care for patients in the most beautiful, graceful, and honorable way that the profession of nursing demands. It is sad that the senator and so many others cannot seem to understand this.

Kristine Cheruk, Cheshire


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