EDITORIAL: Lots of championships for Boston

EDITORIAL: Lots of championships for Boston

There’s little chance that Boston sports fans need to be reminded, and a distinct possibility that the rest of the world would just as soon not want to hear about it, but the city has been on a major championship roll, and one that might be capped in a  significant way should the Bruins take the finals to win the Stanley Cup.

Should the NHL title fall, it will be three major sports titles for Boston in a very short period of time, following the Red Sox World Series win last October and the devouring of the Super Bowl by the New England Patriots (who were at one time known as the Boston Patriots) in February.

You can get used to winning, and Boston now wears championships like an overcoat in a New England winter.

Of course, the Bruins aren’t there yet, but just the possibility is enough to bring a smile to a New Englander’s face. Had the Celtics been able to make more of a playoff run of it one can only imagine the celebratory possibilities.

It’s a great sports town amid a nation of great sports towns, and this year Boston has the bragging rights. A half century ago, New York had the world champion Mets, Super Bowl champion Jets and NBA champion Knicks. It was a fun time to be a New Yorker. The Bruins now can bring a similar trifecta to Beantown.

According to Boston.com, the city’s major sports franchises have won 38 championships. In this tally you don’t have to feel sorry for the Celtics, and their 17 championships, which tops the NBA as well as the city when it comes to winning. Since 2000, the Red Sox have been big winners, with four championships, but it’s hard to match in contemporary sports the Patriots and their six Super Bowl wins since the turn of the millennium. The Bruins have a chance to make it two since 2000. They beat the Vancouver Canucks for the Stanley Cup in 2011. 

This year’s cup finals have yet to commence, so there’s still a lot of hockey to be played. It starts tonight against the St. Louis Blues.

Bruins fans likely need no additional motivation when it comes to rooting for their team, but even the casual observer can see that something special may be at hand for Boston.


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