Wallingford Police requesting $27k transfer for new pistols, holsters

Wallingford Police requesting $27k transfer for new pistols, holsters

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WALLINGFORD — The Police Department is ready to purchase new guns and holsters to replace nearly 100 defective guns the department bought last year.

On Tuesday, the Town Council is expected to consider a transfer of $27,363 to cover the purchase.

Last year the police department replaced 95 Sig-Sauer pistols, which were purchased for the entire department for $50,518 in 2005, with the same number of new Sig-Sauer pistols from vendor Atlantic Tactical.

The department decided to replace all of the new guns when cracks were found in the frame of a gun that had failed. The defective guns were pulled from service and the old pistols were redistributed, Police Chief William Wright said last month.

The department negotiated with Sig-Sauer and agreed to return the defective guns once police received reimbursement from Atlantic Tactical.

Atlantic Tactical reimbursed police $3,994, which the Town Council accepted in January. The $3,994, plus the trade-in value of the old guns, represents the purchase price of the defective guns.

The department went out to bid for Glock pistols from a different vendor. The low bid came from Officer Store, in Coatsville, Pennsylvania.

The net price for the new Glock G45 9mm pistols is $13,232.

Wright said Friday that the department also needs to replace gun holsters that were purchased for the defective Sig-Sauers.

New holsters, from tactical supplier Botach, are $14,131.

To cover the Glock pistols and appropriate holsters, the department is asking the Town Council to transfer the $3,994 from the police operating expenses account, plus $23,369 from the wage differentials account, to a new account dedicated to purchasing the pistols and holsters.

Wright said Friday that he requested the money out of the wage differentials account because that’s where there’s unused funds.

When officers work on select holidays, they either can be paid holiday time or take another day off later as comp time.

Wright said that he has to budget for maximum exposure, but as the fiscal year has gone on, enough officers have taken comp time, not holiday pay, that he can dip into that account.

The Town Council also is slated to discuss in executive session the settlement of a proposed lawsuit against Sig-Sauer.

Town Corporation Counsel Janis M. Small said Friday that she proposed suing to recover funds for the Sig-Sauer holsters, but expects to settle without actually filing the lawsuit.

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