Inside Business: Wallingford tattoo shop reopens under new name

Inside Business: Wallingford tattoo shop reopens under new name

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WALLINGFORD — Owners Katrina and Ricky Borchert always had bigger dreams for their small tattoo shop. Now the couple have expanded, redesigned and rebranded.

Black Hatchet Tattoo Co., formerly Painted Soul Tattoos, went through months of renovations and redesign. The Bocherts said the changes were meant to tie into the name. Styled after a vintage black smith, the shop at 1056 S. Colony Road features dark colors, woodworking and a coffin coffee table. They said they wanted to reflect a “friendly dark” that is not too intimidating.

Q: What is Black Hatchet Tattoos and what services do you offer?

Ricky Borchert: We specialize in black and gray realism. We have traditional artists and neo-traditional artists.

Katrina Borchert: We also do microblading and lash extensions.

Q: Where did the name “Black Hatchet” come from?

Katrina Borchert: A little history to our shop. It was opened by Megan Jean Morris in May 2011. Megan Jean was on Ink Master, she ended up being pretty famous and then she took her career out west. Ricky apprenticed under her from day one when the shop opened. So she sold it to us when she moved. We acquired Painted Soul Tattoo and we kept the name because we didn’t want to confuse people. We really struggled. It didn’t feel like our shop, we didn’t know how to brand it, we didn’t know what to do with it. … Painted Soul, it’s so girly, it’s so not him. What do you do with that? We have coffins, not souls. One day it just dawned on me. His Instagram name is Hatchet Ricky. That derived from his skateboarding days. He used to be sponsored by a skateboarding company called Hatchet Wound.

Q: What in the shop has changed in the renovation?

Katrina Borchert: Before we just had the upstairs. Everything you see here, but way uglier. It was 840 square feet and there was enough room for three artists, there was no break room, no storage. We completely redid everything, paint floors, ceilings. We knocked down walls, we added walls, we added cabinets and countertops, sinks. 

Ricky Borchert: We have 1,200 square feet downstairs.

Katrina Borchert: Yeah, so now we’re up to 2,000 square feet. We have space now. It’s wonderful.

Q: What is the most popular tattoo design that customers request?

Ricky Borchert: Black and gray is definitely very popular right now. Black and gray realism. A lot of themes that are popular are animals. A lot of people are getting lions. A lot of realistic angels. A lot of nautical-themed sleeves. But people come to the shop with a general idea and they let us create an image for them.

Katrina Borchert: We don’t copy anything. We always come up with our own design. Everything is custom.

Q: What advice do you have for someone considering getting their first?

Katrina Borchert: As for what to do for your appointment – eat. That’s the most important thing. Bring snacks. For aftercare, listen to your artist. Listen to your artist for design. There are some things that just don’t work as tattoos.

Ricky Borchert: Design-wise, do your research and make sure the artist that you’re going to is the artist for you. That they do the style that’s going to reflect your tattoo best.
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