Closed for months, Caffe Del Mondo in Southington could return soon, owner says

Closed for months, Caffe Del Mondo in Southington could return soon, owner says

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SOUTHINGTON — Caffe Del Mondo owner Jake Thornton says he is close to a deal with local buyers for the coffee shop on Main Street.

The business has been closed since the beginning of the year.

“My intention is to get everything taken care of, to have it properly released for sale,” he said Wednesday. “That could be done as early as next week.”

He wouldn’t disclose who was interested in buying and running the cafe but said they are Southington residents who wanted to maintain an independent coffee shop. While Thornton said he couldn’t continue losing money on the business, he wanted to sell it to someone who had the time to run it properly rather than just sell off all the assets.

“I love it down there,”  Thornton said. “It is a good little spot, I want to see it do well.”

Thornton is a commodities trader. He found that, without a general manager at the shop, he needed to be there constantly. Work and family obligations caused him to be away from the café more frequently and the business suffered.

“It’s not a loser at all. It has to be run by someone who cares, someone who wants it to be successful,” Thornton said.

He was optimistic about the prospective new owners.

“They’ve run businesses before,” Thornton said. “They understand what it takes to be successful.”

Taylor Crofton, Southington Chamber of Commerce executive director, said she was glad to hear there was a prospective buyer and described it as an “excellent business to have in our downtown.”

“Caffe Del Mondo is a great little coffee and sandwich shop. It has a nice atmosphere, and has a trendy vibe where you can grab a cup of coffee and sit for a while doing work or read a book,” she said.

Caffe Del Mondo has changed hands a number of times over the years and moved from a location in a plaza farther up North Main Street. The cafe was started in 1995 by Al and Kathy Porriello.
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