A day of snow tubing at Powder Ridge in Middlefield

A day of snow tubing at Powder Ridge in Middlefield

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MIDDLEFIELD — Tucked away to the side of the ski trails at Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Resort, hides a six lane snow tubing area.

“A lot of people say we have one of the fastest and smoothest courses, the kids love it,” said Nick Cugno, snow tube operator.  “At first you go down a little slow and then you hit a bump and you get that pit in your stomach and then you just fly, it’s a great feeling.”

The snow tube park is open from Wednesday to Sunday throughout the winter.

“We test these lanes a lot and now five years in we have a really good idea on how to run it safe,” said Tom Loring, training center director. “The mats are out here to slow it down, we switch it up with hard shell bottoms and soft shell bottoms to make sure no one’s going all the way up the return wall.”

The course is open to all ages.

“There’s no skill required you just have to stay on the tube,” Loring said. “The (only) real requirement is they have to ride alone, we don’t allow two people to ride in the tube. They have to be able to hold on to the tube.”

Powder Ridge is shaking up its Friday night snow tubing experience with “Interstellar Friday.” The lanes and tubes will be laced with lights.

“Colored lights in the tubing area,” Loring said. “We’re going to pump up the music to make it a little bit more interesting and a little more fun.”



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