HEALTHY LIVING: 4 things to know about hot yoga

HEALTHY LIVING: 4 things to know about hot yoga

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SOUTHINGTON — Practicing yoga in a heated room, up to or over 90 degrees, has health benefits and is a great way to warm up and relax in the winter.

The Record-Journal recently tried a class at Bloom Yoga in Southington led by co-owner and instructor Bethany Wallace.

Here are four things to know about hot yoga. 

Health benefits

Hot yoga amps up the benefits of standard yoga by making the body sweat more.

“Sweat is one way your body detoxifies itself and it releases things, so it’s a really detoxifying class,” Wallace said.

She said hot yoga is beneficial to the lymph system because it moves lymph fluid throughout the body. Hot yoga also helps the immune system fight off illnesses, especially during cold and flu season.

Hot yoga can also produce muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular benefits.

A study sponsored by the American Council on Exercise found there were no safety issues with the higher than normal temperatures. As with any new physical activity, it’s always best to check with your physician before starting.

The heat

Temperatures for hot yoga can vary from the low 70s to nearly 100 degrees.

The room is heated to increase the metabolism, as well as aid the body into deeper poses. 

Often the temperature corresponds with the yoga level, as beginner and intermediate classes can be cooler than advanced classes. Other studios keep the same temperature for every level.

“Everybody’s different,” Wallace said.


Hot yoga classes typically start with stretches and a sun salutation to warm up the joints.

From there, the class moves into standing postures and balance poses. Some typical poses include “warrior,” “downward dog,” “cow,” “cat,” and planks.

The class ends with a cool down, which can literally mean cooling down with cold towels.

Wallace said the poses can be modified for individual needs. If participants get too hot or sore, they can return to “child’s pose” with their head on the mat.

Water, towels and loose yoga clothing is recommended.

More information can be found by calling 860-620-4530


Some places that offer yoga classes in warm and/or hot heated rooms include Ignite Yoga in North Haven, The Studio Pure Yoga in Cheshire, Bikram Yoga in New Haven and Luna Vinyasa Hot Yoga in Middletown.
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