Spirits Alive Encore Event Astonishes Guests

Spirits Alive Encore Event Astonishes Guests

On Saturday night, Feb. 2, the Cheshire Historical Society had an  event like nothing else previously done in their house museum.  Joyce  Mulholland and Dawn Marchand organized an astonishing event where nine volunteer actors portrayed Cheshire residents telling their life story and the times they lived in. The Society offered this special encore event as the October fundraiser held in the historic Hillside Cemetery had sold out almost immediately and many people complained to the Society that they had missed their opportunity to see the new Spirits perform their tales.

Joyce and Dawn offered to make an encore event, selecting Ground Hog Day as a perfect date (based on the movie of the same name with Bill Murray, where the day repeats).  The all-volunteer actors said they would do it. The tours were small and the actors said it was an intimate atmosphere. Most actors had to think about keeping their voices lower than they would for an outdoor performance to 30 people.  “It’s so much easier not having to project my voice,” Mary Dattilio said as she portrayed Laura Tuttle (b.1785, d.1870) who told guests that the Farmington Canal “ruined Cheshire.”  One guest said it was all she could do not to reach out and console the grieving Mother Hitchcock, played by Dawn Marchand, on the death of her child.  Several guests had done the outdoor tour in October and came back to hear the Spirits again.  People left saying it was an amazing tour.  They can’t wait for the Oct. 11 and 12, tour in the Cemetery.    Information about this event and other Society activities is available at www.cheshirehistory.org.


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