Bishop Farm in Cheshire opens after years of renovations

Bishop Farm in Cheshire opens after years of renovations

CHESHIRE — Homemade ice cream, fresh baked desserts and organic fruits and vegetables are for sale in the newly renovated Bishop Farm.

Bishop Farm co-owner Carolyn Torello said the property at 500 S. Meriden Road was purchased around two and a half years ago. Her goal was to renovate the layout of the shop while keeping the rustic farm aesthetic.

“We just wanted to bring the old with the new,” Torello said.

Torello said doughnuts, muffins and pies are baked and sold fresh each day. The shop opened last weekend and, in just one day, sold 800 donuts alone.

Torello said the ice cream counter was made from wood from the farm’s original horse fence, and much of the shelves and tables were built from reclaimed wood.

The original farm was established in the 1700s.

The farm will remain open until December and sell Christmas trees.

Farm manager Charles Beasley started working on the farm in January. Herbs, tomatoes, various berries, pumpkins, flowers and apple trees all grow within 15 acres.

“For the last few years we’ve been planting new trees, getting the place ready,” said Beasley.

Beasley said the farm has been using apples and peaches from Norton Brothers Fruit Farm on Academy Road and will continue to due so until the trees on Bishop Farm are ready for picking in the coming years.

“Trees won’t really bear a good crop until the fourth or fifth year,” Beasley said. “But not enough to pick your own, not enough to even make a full display on the store shelf.”

Joanne Reinhard and Phyllis Rubbo visited the Bishop Farm shop Wednesday for a cup of coffee. Reinhard said she used to visit the farm in its “heyday” and decided to return after a friend suggested it.

“I’ve waited a long time for it to be ready,” Reinhard.

“You guys did a great job,” Rubbo said, gesturing to Torello.
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